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Yahoo pipes usage is a nifty tool with lots of flexibility.

When I started using the tool I saw it as a way to extract custom blogging data and insert it into my blog. There is never enough time to find all of the data on your subject on the internet. The data changes in a swirl and the most important stuff may appear from the most unknown source. I am finding that for the ability to find this concentration of data for individual companies can have a big effect. Instead of spending the day pursuing multiple sites for your focus extracting the data from the large data set set Yahoo pipes up to do the work for you. Then you can make your blog a central source for your specialty.

Many bloggers strive to create their own unique output and there are lots of good things to be said about having completely unique content but constantly reading to find that informational source can take a long time. Instead use Yahoo pipes to help your concentration on your website. The credit for the good blog write up belongs to the originator of the piece and usage of it should never detract from their work.  Extracting the data and sharing it improves thier visibility and helps your blog site become a powerhouse in your field.

Using the tool requires programming expertise. The layout for Pipes looks like you don’t need to know programming but that is misleading. It greatly simplifies how to find this data but without a firm grasp on programming many will find themselves lost trying to set this up.

More to come on Yahoo pipes.

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