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The mud slinging is really in effect now. Each side wants to convince the followers on the edge that voting for their opponent  will cause the end of the world, more taxes than you can imagine and a continuance of a Washington DC spending spree.

politiciansIf they were honest and exposed their true arguments it would be.  “My opponents  have been in office too long and is a much better thief than I can ever be. You have hired professional thieves to be in office too long. It’s time to put in some amateurs and reduce the graft down to more acceptable levels.I will gladly reduce my take compared to my predecessor.”

The political insiders and lobbyists would praise them because it would reduce the amount of graft needed to get their will done.


To misquote Ben Franklin:Politicians, like fish, begin to smell after three terms in office.

Original: Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.




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