Skinflint tactics

You might be a skinflint if you





Ice box, late 19th/early 20th century, from St...






1.  Unplug your fridge and use ice in cooler to save on the electric bill




















2. Go out for lunch and eat the appetizer and sides then put the meat into a doggy bag for your evening meal




A photo of a cup of ice water taken from above.

Free cup of water




















3. Go out to lunch and always order water unless the meal coupon comes with a drink then it would be wasteful to drink water.
4. For a military inspection pickup a new pair of  black shiney shoes and put them on just before the inspection. Then turn them back in and  get your money back.
5.Go out to eat and pocket the extra bread on the table. It’s there for the taking right?
Put cheap syrup in the upscale bottles so it would taste better.
6. Charge your cell phone at the library to keep your electric bill down
7. Order water at a meal and then ask for lemon wedges and sugar. Make your own lemonade at no cost.





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When things got rotten

The easy going days of youth are gone but the need for green still lingers on. The directions to choose are many the challenges are within reach. Ah that is the question.


Should I go with irrelevant humor or the Excel route. Both types hold my interest but what do you want and need to hear?

WLS Newsradio Logo


Got news that one of local broadcasters on WLS AM lost his battle with brain cancer. Don and Roma Wade were a source of much information in a troubled world. Interesting how I never met them personally but being part of the audience makes them feel like a distant part of the family. One of the benefits of listening to local radio is real useable info. That part of the past might not be done by today’s internet addicts.  Keep your mind open and you can find the truth in many places.



I thought was indecisive but now I’m not so sure.


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I’ve come to another crossroads. Moved out of my home and into a new place soon. Relocation by the bank isn’t fun but when you don’t have income for multiple years its the way of the world.

I will add some of the daily puns here and see where they take us.

So you might say I’m a recovering capitalist.

Was that a blanket statement??





Combining Text and Numerical cells


So far we have just done calculations and a little bit of text. Now we will cover combining text and calculations. The underlying concepts of cell combinations means much more than just numbers can be displayed.


Lets go to C1 and format the cell as text. Remember you do that with a right click and then go down to format. Then within the format selection choose text.

Then go to C2 and enter 5. All cells are set up for values by default so unless you need something special leave that part alone … for now

Go to C3 and enter =C1*A1

At A1 set the value to 3

Now at C1 enter text Apples

At C4 enter =(C3+C1). To do combinations with text the starting and ending () must in place for it to work.

Note the C4 cell has a #VALUE! error.  We entered a + where it should have been a &. Go into C4 and enter =(C3&C1). The & function allows you to combine text (in programming lingo you concatenate the values). Putting a + function between cell values and text won’t work.  Now the value show up as 15Apples. That’s nice but it can be made to read easier. At C4 enter =(C3&” “&C1) now the value will show as 15 Apples. The “ “ allows you to enter a space into it. This method will allow an infinite amount of adjustment to the final presented value and description. Any text value can be entered in the double quotes.


Yes I know I promised you database info we will get to that but you need to understand a lot of basics first. Going directly to the database calculations now would be an invitation to confusion.

Cell Formatting

Cell formatting

Each cell can be adjusted for its use and presentation. It can be set for the accuracy of the calculation, money, percentage and more.  I’ll show you how to format a cell.

  1. Left click cell to select it
  2. Right click mouse
  3. A floating menu will appear on the right. Use the mouse to scroll down the menu and select format
  4. Cell formatting selections

    Cell formatting selections

  5. Lots of things to play with here
    1. Number tab adjusts it’s behavior and accuracy.
    2. Alignment tab adjusts how the cell contents will be displayed.
    3. Font adjusts both the size, font type and color of the displayed information
    4. Border adjusts the border around the cell. Size, color and line type selections.
    5. Fill adjusts the color of the cell.
    6. Protection tab does two things. It doesn’t have much particle use. Unless you are sending it to someone that you can’t trust to use it right. Then perhaps it has a use.

i.      Hides the value/calculation in the cell

ii.      Locks the cell from changing


I invite you to explore this area thoroughly. There is enough going on in this little area that a good explanation of all the options could take a month of posts. Many of these items should be self explanatory. I’ll take questions on individual selections.