When things get rotten

Things get complicated when you get past 18. Ah remember the dreams we once had! The shining future where the results of our work would inevitably lead to a secure retirement. Well wake up it isn’t happening yet! The economy over the past 5 years has drained my retirement and my 401K. It a mater of survival when you have no income you use your savings. Now I’m back on my feet again with the ability to retire a faded dream.  Unlike the rest I refuse to give up.

English: Retirement savings for various period...

English: Retirement savings for various periods with squirrel and nut analogy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My actions and options will continue to be adjustable. My only requirements I refuse to take advantage of those around me. I went to one of the salesmen meeting quite a while back. Their attitude was if you can make a buck selling defective devices to the masses take advantage of it. Can’t handle that. The ability to look into the mirror in the morning and not see a crook is ingrained in me.

This is just a little statement of fact. Nothing earth shattering.

Could you bilk the masses for money without any regrets? If so you should go into  politics. Our present leaders and many of the past leaders seem to think the US taxpayer has an unlimited bill fold and a short memory.

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Who can you trust?

This is a great era for honesty!


Trust Me (book)

Trust Me (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Look at our government they always tell the truth. Well some times the obfuscate it. That’s not right either. They out and out lie to the people they work for. Doing that at work would get me fired  for not completing the work as assigned, making promises I didn’t keep or sealing my past from investigation.


Look at the biggest whistle blower out there. Snowden. He made promises to the government about keeping secrets then let the world in on it. But wait he also let us know another realm of deceit the government is practicing. after all they are doing it tapping into the ether extracting information from every possible place the terrorists could be. you know it’s bad when Putin (an ex-KGB head) wishes he had the ability to what the US government is doing for keeping track of dissidents.


Entertainers are surely above that level of lying. Well not so much. We now find they are lip syncing instead of really working for their audience. That’s a different level of dishonesty.


The IRS must be above the fray. After all they have to follow the rules they are given. Ah but there is that pesky Tea Party thing going on. Now they have “special” rules for this upstart organization or any of that ilk. Nothing wrong with that they are just following the rules.


Lets not forget our religious brethren. Surely as men and women of god must have the public’s best needs in mind. Not so much there either. Sexual misconduct and cover ups seem to rule there too.


So we can’t trust our government, entertainers, IRS or religion. The only one you can trust is your dog.  If dogs start getting into positions of power should we fear them or expect better results?


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Ads from the future

Nw nd imprved hrd pockt wth xtra dimnsional flding!

The original version is presented above but for you down-timers we are providing an interpretation.  This long slow 22nd century text entry is so slow and sloppy.  Beware this is not for sale now but most certainly it will be within a few scant centuries.

New and improved hard pocket drawer with extra dimensional folding and built in gravitational control. Expect the best from Vixtorias Scrt! Fits anywhere and carries it all. Reminder though you do have to set up an inter dimensional storage space that may cost several day-night work times. Lcking method wth dble nueral backups!


A 3D projection of an tesseract performing an ...


Physical recorder with a real sharable disply unit. Imagine that the ability for multiple individuals to watch the same screen and interact instead of direct nueral exchanges!




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Disclaimer. Hardpocket MUST be installed by a certified dimensional constructor as approved by the company.
While the pocket is rated for all possible weights and sizes the company is not responsible for

The infamous weather

There came a time in the 22nd century that numbers ruled the masses. Like they didn’t any other time but that is a different matter. The snake oil salesmen on a national scale had a great idea.  Every one talks about the weather but no one can do anything was the old maxim. There was a large database of weather stats within reach so off they went. The masses just could not have proper access to this. Since no one could look over their shoulder just a little modification made it seem like the world was getting warmer thanks to that rascally human race. I’m not saying it isn’t possible that darn bunch could screw up almost anything.




Clark Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment. Before 1920.

Clark Stanley’s Snake Oil Liniment. Before 1920. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now lets go back to the original snake oil salesman. He created a crisis and took advantage of it. Most snake oil salesmen get away with it by just stealing from a local audience. This one had his sights set on making insnly large profit without having any output. Thats the ideal moneymaker. Controlling the numbers means nothing can ever go wrong, I mean nothing can go right with the numbers. Every one controlling the numbers got grants to continue investigations into the numbers. Gee with this approach why would anyone fight the given conclusion!


The theory states the human race has created the means to end their own existence. The climate will change and no one person can stop it. Now I won’t deny there could and will be problems but consider our long distance ancestors. They had none of this scientific help and they created the basis for all humanity. They were in much less control of their future than we are. So if this is the end of that rascally human race well the fools deserve it. Have we descended so far from the creativity of our forefathers that our technical strength will end it?


Wait a minute the head snake oil salesman stated the world would end about 4 years ago due to this massive climatic calamity. We are still here and the snake oil salesman is now a millionaire preaching restraint in CO2 output while he regularly contributes more to his problem by creating more CO2 than the 1000s he expects to sacrifice to save the world.


So what does the darn human race do. As usual they just kow-tow to him and send more money. Anyone that objects is interfering with some ones bread and butter grants. That is just not permitted.  You have to give him credit for numerical obfuscation and keeping it going regardless of the changing facts.


Mark Twain


“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.”

Mark Twain


You can’t go home again

A friend of mine went back home after 18 years away. His encounter with home was not the way he remembered it all. His original home was Pakistan so going home from Chicago took some doing. After he got back home to visit relatives it became known there was someone in the house with an American passport. That made him and his mother practically prisoners in the home. His family was very nervous about it as well. He flew back early for quite a fee.

Biometric United States passport issued in 2007

Biometric United States passport issued in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)














Imagine this going back to your childhood home to find things so changed that you aren’t welcome. It’s a weird world where you are judged by where you come from not who you are.


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